Experience Panama

  • One of the most biodiverse areas on the planet
  • Home to the famous Panama Canal, a Modern Wonder of the World
  • Perfect mix of beachside relaxation and urban exploration

Linking Central and South America, Panama is most well-known for the Panama Canal, but there is so much more for travellers to discover. Whether vacationers are planning a relaxing beach getaway or looking to explore an exotic destination, Panama has something for every traveller to enjoy. With two sprawling coastlines, Panama is a haven for sun-seekers looking to lounge on a pristine beach. Nature lovers can explore diverse ecosystems with an exciting excursion from Sunwing Experiences as they discover the incredible biodiversity of Anton Valley or head to Chagres National Park to hike through the lush rainforest. Cultural enthusiasts will love visiting the cobblestone streets of Casco Viejo, Panama City’s historic quarter and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No visit to Panama would be complete without a visit to the famous Panama Canal, named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Travellers can marvel at massive cargo ships as they navigate the canal system that transports them from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

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Travel tips

National language: Spanish

Language notes: Hola! While the local language is Spanish, many locals speak English. Your destination reprentatives can also help with any common phrases or translation help.

Currency: PAB (Panamanian Balboa)

Voltage: 110V

Travel tips: Canadian devices use 120 V and will work with 110 V. Many resorts have 120 V plugs. For older devices, items using motors or heating (heated beauty tools, electric toothbrushes) and three-prong plugs we recommend bringing an adaptor with voltage conversion.

What to pack: Don’t know what to bring? Don’t worry. Click Here for a full checklist to print and refer to when packing for your all-inclusive vacation in Panama.

What to buy: Panamanian liquors are a source of pride for this Central American country. Seco Herrerano, a rum-like spirit made out of sugar cane juice, makes a great add-in for a mixed drink while Chicha Fuerte, made from germinated corn, is fermented in earthenware vessels using indigenous techniques.

Getting around: Your local Sunwing Experiences representative will handle your airport transfers, providing you with round-trip transportation from the airport to your resort and back. To discover all the incredible things to do and see, Sunwing Experiences will take you on a range of exciting tours and excursions.

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Weddings NEW

From the modern feat of the Panama Canal to the pristine shores of Playa Blanca and the diverse rainforests, Panama provides an exotic setting for your destination wedding.

Legal wedding requirements

  • Wedding couple must arrive in destination at least two business days prior to the ceremony date.
  • Valid passports for the wedding couple that include the date of entry into Panama.
  • Valid birth certificates for the wedding couple - apostilled and translated into Spanish.
  • Good health Certificates, which confirms VDRL test issued by a recognized Canadian Health Centre/Canadian Ministry of Health; test can also be taken in Panama upon arrival.
  • Certificate of single status, certified.
  • Certificate of Baptism (If you are going to get married in a catholic church).
  • 2 witnesses and copies of witnesses’ valid passports (witnesses cannot be related to the wedding couple).
  • If either party is divorced, they must provide a copy of the final divorce decree - apostilled and translated into Spanish.
  • If either party has been widowed, they must provide a copy of the death certificate - apostilled and translated into Spanish.
  • For legal weddings, couples must obtain an application from the Panama Office in Toronto. The application must be notarized and brought to the Ontario Official Document Services and submitted to the Panama Consulate.
  • All documents must be officially translated into Spanish and be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and one of the consular offices. Some documents must also be authenticated by a Canadian notary or commissioner of oaths.
  • Marriage application is to be done in Panama. This must be filled and signed by both parties, without corrections or scratches.

Legal ceremonies will incur additional costs. Additional requirements may also apply. Please contact your desired resort directly for legal ceremony fees and any additional requirements. For more information contact weddings@sunwing.ca.

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Panama travel deals

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Toronto to Panama
Thu May 6, 2021 7 days All inclusive
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Toronto to Panama
Thu May 6, 2021 7 days Breakfast Plan
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Toronto to Panama
Fri November 12, 2021 7 days Inclusive
Reg. $2,095
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Toronto to Panama
Fri November 12, 2021 7 days All inclusive
Reg. $2,195
From $1,975 taxes and fees incl.
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