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Dreaming about tying the knot in the tropics? Sunwing Weddings will help make your destination wedding dreams a reality.

Our team of expert destination wedding consultants specialize in planning one-of-a-kind all inclusive destination weddings at breathtaking resorts across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. From helping you find the perfect destination wedding locations to booking the travel for you and your guests and coordinating your wow-worthy details, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to celebrate your love with a beach wedding, plan a wedding with a view or toast to forever on a rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean, we’re here to make sure that your tropical celebrations are truly unique and unforgettable.

Plus, when you book for departures between October 16, 2020, and December 31, 2021, you’ll receive COVID-19 coverage at no additional cost to give you peace of mind as part of our Safe With Sunwing commitment.

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From our happy couples

“I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to your amazing team at Sunwing Weddings. I worked in customer service for many years myself and I know good customer service when I experience it. Your team was very friendly, polite, attentive to details, personable and prompt to answer questions and requests. I felt at ease and you guys reassured me every step of the way. You were also very patient and courteous with me, even though I called every day for updates.

Thank you for the great experience you gave me in a very stressful time of the year where getting results and answers took lots of patience. I wish you continuous success and may you continue to make all your clients feel as special as I felt.”

Desire & Alice — January 2020

“My destination wedding consultant was incredible! She was really able to help us plan our dream wedding while staying within budget. She would always reply in a timely manner, and her vibrant personality and positive energy were always felt via telephone conversations and emails. We had a great experience, and I would recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone!”

Patrick & Vanessa — January 2020

“Our destination wedding consultant was incredible. I can’t put into words how much help she provided. She asked me everything to ensure she knew what I was looking for, she would be quick to respond to all my questions, and if the resort didn’t get back right away she would follow up with me anyway to let me know she was still waiting (and so I know she didn’t forget). She made sure I had everything lined up before I left and sent me a few things to ensure I brought with me and discussed with the resort coordinator before the wedding.”

Samantha & Anthony — January 2020

“Thank you so much, we appreciate everything you have done for us. Wedding and vacation were amazing, and we are definitely going to book with Sunwing again.”

Scott & Brittany

“We just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work and coordinating you have done for us! Thank you for always being so accommodating and patient with all our requests! Sunwing Weddings was great to work with and we’re so thankful!”

Adrian & Jennifer — October 2019

“Thank you for all your help with my wedding, Sunwing Weddings was truly a blessing to work with! I’m so lucky to have worked with you, you made the process super easy and fun! I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to sending you photos of the big day!”

Zachary & Patricia — October 2019

“Our destination wedding consultant was great! She made the process really easy, dealt with a couple of hiccups very professionally and arranged everything with our planner at RIU perfectly. It was such an easy, stress-free process. I couldn’t have imagined it going any better!”

Jonathan & Devon — October 2019

“Our Sunwing Weddings consultant was great to work with. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner and gave us great advice and tips. She kept us on track and really made the entire process an easy one.”

Lauren & Saman — July 2019

“Thank you so so much for everything, Sunwing Weddings! It has truly been a pleasure to work with you on planning the destination wedding of our dreams. Your expertise and guidance really kept me at ease during every step of the way! Ian and I have been very satisfied with everything. We say all the time that purchasing your services was the best decision we made. We will be sure to connect upon our return with tons of pictures and to let you know how everything went!”

Ian & Brittany

“I had an amazing experience working Sunwing Weddings to get the wedding I imagined. Our destination wedding consultant was very fast on her responses to me and helped me weigh the pros and cons of many of the options. She was super receptive to when I wanted to change my mind and made sure we got everything we wanted.”

Kelsey & Jesse — April 2019

“We can’t thank Sunwing Weddings enough for helping us through the whole destination wedding planning process. Our destination wedding consultant was incredibly wonderful. She answered all our questions and made all of the requests I’ve asked for possible. She’s very professional and promptly replied to emails right away. I highly recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone who is planning a destination wedding!

Sunwing Weddings, thank you for your dedication and expertise in helping out couples like us to have the perfect wedding we have always dreamed about.”

May & Ruel — April 2019

“I had the most pleasant customer service provided by my destination wedding consultant. She was extremely helpful and amazing. I only had two months to get things done and I was also busy at work. Our destination wedding consultant was on top of everything on my behalf. She responded to me right away and reminded me that what else left for me to consider. She was very professional and pleasant to work with. I for sure will recommend to my friends who are planning destination weddings.”

Edison & Jessie — February 2019

“We had the most AMAZING time and our Wedding was absolutely PERFECT!!! We were a bit worried about the whole thing just considering that it was mostly chosen based on photos but the whole thing turned out exactly how we had imagined - and the food and drinks were amazing. It was a great pleasure to work with our destination wedding consultant and we thank you for all your hard work and back and forth that you did for us during this period. You definitely made the planning MUCH easier. Sunwing Weddings was fantastic to work with and made the process so seamless! We were so happy with how our wedding turned out - we were a bit nervous as we had to select most things from photos, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that everything was EXACTLY like in the photos! Our wedding planner consultant was lovely to deal with and made the process stress-free. We had a huge wedding for a destination and were able to customize it how we wanted it - meaning a lot of extra work, but they made it easy for us! I would recommend booking your wedding with Sunwing Weddings - you will not be disappointed!”

Alyssa & Vince — February 2019

“The Sunwing Weddings team was super to deal with! The conference call walked us through everything we needed to think about (and we reviewed the forms line by line to ensure nothing was missed and all questions were clarified). Communications were always timely and our destination wedding consultant was great with notifying about out-of-office periods so we were never left wondering.

The hand-off to connect with the resort wedding planner was done a month in advance and we understood that communicating directly with the resort planner would be a little more sporadic so we were prepared for that as well as okay with that.

Our group of 28 was well-looked-after and we had a great wedding day!

It was a great experience and we would recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone considering a destination wedding.”

Jeff & Kendal — February 2019

“We have nothing but great things to say about our destination wedding consultant. She was so polite, professional and understanding during the whole process, answering every single email (and there were lots) promptly. She provided us lots of different suggestions and ideas when it came to pricing, décor, colours etc. When we were hesitant or afraid of making a decision, she reassured us that everything would be okay as it can be tough at times to envision your wedding details without seeing them beforehand. We would wholeheartedly recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone looking to plan a destination wedding. They greatly contributed to the best day of our lives!”

Roberto & Micaela — January 2019

“Our wedding was beautiful and exceeded all of our (and our guests) expectations. The venue was beautiful, the decor was stunning. It was the best night of our lives, thank you for all of your help with the planning. Sunwing Weddings was great!

Our destination wedding consultant was thorough, very friendly and reassuring. She answered all questions in a timely manner, did a great job and went above and beyond to make sure that everything went according to plan!”

Rachael & Shane — January 2019

“Hi everyone,

Thank you for giving us such as amazing experience! Everyone we dealt with along the way was professional, positive, and helpful. Our vacation was unforgettable and the wedding far exceeded our expectations in every way!”

Ben & Karen — December 2018

“I loved working with our Sunwing Weddings consultant. She was amazing and on point with everything. She responded to my emails and calls quickly. The biggest help was that she saw the littlest details I didn’t even recognize and she would advise me of them and we would make whatever changes was needed as quickly as possible to move forward with the planning. I am extremely happy with her services and would recommend her to anyone planning a destination wedding.”

Sheniqua & Ejaz — December 2018

“I am SO SO SO happy with how everything turned out. Thank you to our destination wedding consultant for all of their assistance and hard work with the planning. Everything went off without a hitch and our guests are still buzzing from such an amazing vacation!”

Roberto & Micaela — December 2018

“I can't say enough wonderful things about our destination wedding consultant! She was so professional and so organized, I would have been lost without her! She was just an absolute pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond helping us to plan our big day.”

Lee & Jessica — October 2018

“We booked our destination wedding through Sunwing received Sunwing Weddings wedding planning services with as a promotion. I am so glad we got this, I didn’t have budgeted for wedding planner, and boy did we need the support!

Our destination wedding consultant was awesome! She was a blessing to work with, she understood our vision, provided suggestions and made the process so easy!!! I had so many questions and she always answered all of them, in a timely matter. She never ignored any details!

She also stayed connected with our resort and worked extremely hard to pull off the private formal event we wanted as our group size was a bit larger than normal.

She was so knowledgeable and was never pushy for us to spend more on our wedding day. She helped us figure out how we could have the best, most beautiful wedding within our budget and was able to find ways to cut costs without comprising what we wanted. Seeing we initially started with budget for 60 person and the wedding guest list turned out to be 100+. We stayed as close as possible to our budget.

I would recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone planning a destination wedding.”

Vanita & Leighton — September 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was fantastic. She was beyond helpful, easy to work with, had lightning-fast email replies and lovely phone etiquette.”

Shane & Megan — September 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was absolutely amazing throughout the entire experience. She made our wedding planning so easy, was always respond quickly and helped us stay within our budget. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her!”

Rebecca & Matthew — August 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was great to work with from beginning to end. I’m sure that our questions had been asked over and over but she made us feel like it was not a problem to ask anything. It was a huge bonus to have our own consultant to work with as the go-between for us and the resort – invaluable actually! When dealing directly with the resort, communication can be a bit slow. The resorts do weddings almost daily so your panic over figuring something out doesn’t necessarily translate. That’s where having a destination wedding consultant really shines. Our guests kept commenting on how perfect everything was and how well planned it was. That all started with having our destination wedding consultant available and guiding the way at all times.”

Jessica & Edray — July 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was absolutely amazing. She made the process so easy. I had so many questions and she always answered all of them and never ignored any details! She was knowledgeable and never pushed for us to spend more on our wedding day. She helped us figure out how we could have the best, most beautiful wedding within our budget and was able to find ways to cut costs without comprising what we wanted. I would recommend Sunwing Weddings to anyone planning a destination wedding.”

Darren & Samantha — June 2018

“Amazing all around – our destination wedding consultant was honestly the best! Quick responses, very accommodating and the lines of communication were always open. Phone and email were how we communicated and it all worked so well. Would not change a single thing about the whole experience.”

Melissa & Michael — June 2018

“I am so happy to have chosen Sunwing Weddings to help me plan my wedding. They have an amazing team of professionals who made me feel like a family member, not a customer. If I was to plan my wedding again I would choose Sunwing Weddings again and I would definitely recommend their services to others.”

Yuniel & Johseline — April 2018

“Planning our destination wedding was an overall easy experience. The Sunwing Weddings team was quick to reply and to let us know when certain things should be done by. Pricing was easy to find and there were many options to choose from in all aspects of the wedding. The guests were all very happy and impressed and the wedding exceeded our expectations.”

Cassandra & Gary — May 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was amazing. She was always quick to respond to emails and always gave ideas and suggestions when it came to the planning process. She kept us feeling at ease throughout the process and we never had to worry that things were not going to be completed. We were so happy with the help she gave us!”

David & Tiffany — May 2018

“Thank you so much for everything, Sunwing Weddings! Your team made this experience so stress free for us and can't thank you enough! Our destination wedding consultant made our experience very special. It honestly felt like we did not do much at all lol, mostly saying yes/no, add this, get rid of that, the rest she took care of!”

Jessica & Nigiel — May 2018

“Our destination wedding consultant was extremely helpful and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. No question was a dumb question (and I had a lot of dumb questions). I didn’t have a clue about what I needed to do and she had everything all laid out and explained perfectly. I didn’t know before booking that people like her even existed but I honestly don’t think I could have done it without this amazing service. Thank you so much Sunwing Weddings!”

Kristy & Christopher — May 2018

“Thank you to our destination wedding consultant for all of her help over the past couple of months. Our wedding day was incredible! We will definitely recommend your services to any of our friends that are thinking about a destination wedding!”

Brianna & Morgan — March 2018

“We had our wedding at the Royalton Saint Lucia and we were thrilled with our experience! It was a stress-free event and I was able to spend almost the entire time there with my friends and family having the vacation of our lives knowing everything was being well looked after for our special day. The on-site wedding team at the Royalton took care of everything(!!) with such professionalism and their attention to detail was 1000% on point. Our Sunwing Weddings consultant was the loveliest and friendliest advisor - we adored her. She walked us through everything we needed to know and made things happen behind the scenes (I had some crazy special requests let me tell you!). Having a wedding in stunning Saint Lucia with a dedicated team of professionals who execute the vision of your special day exactly as you want it... but without the stress? What more could you ask for? We highly recommend Sunwing Weddings!”

Heather & Travis — March 2018

“Initially going into this, I thought I would be a super easy-going bride, considering it is a destination wedding and we have an amazing backdrop of the ocean. But little did I know that as the wedding planning process started I quickly realized I would care a lot more about detail than originally planned. Especially with a large group, I wanted it to be perfect. Our destination wedding consultant stuck with me and my million emails and made all of my wedding dreams a reality. At first, it was hard not to be able to see the flowers/decor in person but she made me feel confident in my choices and even gave some great suggestions that thankfully I took. The ceremony and reception decor were perfect. I had sooo many people email and text me asking how I pulled it off! It’s because of you. THANK YOU!”

Kristine & Shayne — February 2018

“We both want to thank our destination wedding consultant from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and assistance she had provided us. She did an excellent job and went above and beyond to plan this big day for us. The hotel and food were amazing I didn't expect it to be so great. As for our wedding, it was magical and I felt like a princess in a castle. It was worth every penny and most definitely would do it again. We are planning to go back there!”

Ania & Marlon — January 2018

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We offer a wide selection of dreamy destination wedding locations across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Whether you dream of celebrating your love on a white-sand beach, exchanging vows in a lush rainforest or saying ‘I do’ on a breathtaking oceanfront terrace, we’re here to help you find the perfect destination for your tropical celebrations.